August 28, 2010

Work in ProgressI didn’t mean to wait so long to update my Corner. Its been a busy, crazy summer. I’m so pleased to tell you about all my finished projects – most of which are framed and displayed in the store too! And I also managed to do a few stitching projects for customers as well.

Work in ProgressSome of you who know me well will laugh out loud (LOL to you too!) when you learn that I’ve just taken on a new project for a customer ….yes, its true! I’m stitching Pinkie and Blue Boy in petit point again … after declaring that I’m done stitching these two characters for the last time. Wait until you see these pictures finished and framed!

And while I’m confessing, I might as well tell you that I didn’t keep to this year’s New Year’s resolution to finish up everything before I started new projects…I just couldn’t help it!

Here are a few pictures of my latest new projects.


Work in ProgressWork in ProgressWork in ProgressWork in Progress







March 10, 2010

I’m pleased that our weather is continuing to cooperate this week and I’m beginning to feel like we are finally turning the corner to Spring! The last few weeks have been crazy busy with new stock – more new Heaven and Earth Design patterns as well other new cross stitch patterns and kits have arrived as well as lots of new jewelry and giftware.

I’m determined to re-organize the store to display all these new things. Its that time of year when I just have to do new displays! A lot of work that always pays off when customers come into the store and start looking at things with fresh eyes.

Work in ProgressI also want to let you know about the new sterling silver jewelry that I have arriving in the store; some pieces have semi-precious stones that you will not find in other Edmonton stores! And as fast as I have been putting it out on display, I’m wrapping it for my customers. I can’t tell you how much I love to see my favorite customers wearing some really special earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I have picked out for The Frame Corner. At these prices, these jewelry pieces make wonderful girlfriend and special sister gifts! Or just treat yourself!

I think everyone should start wearing glittery pieces – it just makes things right with the world when someone leans over just to stare at your ‘bling’ and asks you where you found such great pieces!

So because I’ve been so busy in the store, all my cross stitching projects have been waiting for me; and I’ve had to find stolen moments to stitch! But I’ve done it – My very first David Detz cross stitch design is finally finished. Sassy Lady series ‘Nadaline’ is finally completed. My hard work to get her eyes just right has paid off. I think she has a special mystery to her face and David Detz is over the moon with my efforts to turn his hand-painted jewelry pieces into cross stitch patterns. Nadaline is the first of the Sassy Ladies series that I will be doing this year. You might be interested in learning that David and I are discussing another series of cross stitch patterns with his African pieces!

Work in Progress‘Nadaline’, will be sold as kits and patterns. I am just putting together the kits now and I am hoping to have all the beads, threads, fabric and pattern sorted out in the next few weeks. Please see me if you want to reserve one of these patterns!

This is another work in progress of mine. She is turning out to be a gorgeous girl. Who says you have to stitch on one project at a time? There are a number of new kits and patterns in the store that I’m also looking at – when I’m opening new stock, I’m saying to myself, “one for the store, one for me, one for the store, one for me”….so please come and buy them before I take them home with me!

Now that the weather is warming up, please stop by the store and show me what stitching projects that you are working on. I’d love to see what you have been up to over the winter!

– Katherain

NadineSomeStitching Diary Entry: January 28, 2010

more progress on “Nadaline” as of Jan 28 2010.



Stitching Diary Entry: January 17, 2010

l am so pleased to tell you that I’m off to a great start with my projects this year. Now that I’m back from a little vacation in Las Vegas, I’m excited to get back to working on all my projects.

And I’ve had some time to think about my New Year’s resolution too – I’ve decided to toughen up this year and I’m not going to start one more project until I finish one! Oh boy, oh boy…I hope I can keep this one! I always seem to find one more project that I just have to start! I’ll keep you posted on how I make out – especially after I start ordering new patterns and kits from the new catalogs later this month!

So here’s what I’m working on this month:

NadineFirst in a new line of cross stitch patterns that I’m designing with the full permission of the jewelry artist, David Detz, using his Elegant Ladies broaches as the basis for my inspiration. “Nadeline” is the first pattern in the series that I’m designing and stitching. I was thrilled to see Nadaline’s face and I am now starting on designing and stitching her hat.

Note: Once I get this pattern finished, it will be made available to my customers. I am really enjoying getting to know “Nadaline” – she is truly an elegant lady with superb style!


The Turtle Dove. The Turtle Dove from Solaris Patterns is also turning out so well. I just love the faces in the patterns from Solaris as they are so realistic and they have so much emotion in their faces. I just love stitching and seeing the face emerge in the fabric.


3. At First Sight by Heaven and Earth Designs!

Heaven and EarthAnother Oriental lady that I have been working on for several years – I’m getting closer to finishing this project as you can see.

I just love Heaven and Earth Designs. The details of their patterns and the variety of colored threads make these stitching projects so intriguing to work on.


4. Intellectual Ladies of the Orient!

Ladies of the OrientYes, this is one of the new patterns I picked up in China. It’s approximately 7 feet long (and yes, the number, ‘seven’ is accurate) and 2.5 feet wide. Its already stitched in my mind’s eye – and I can already see it framed and hanging up in my home! I only wish that I could stitch as fast as I can dream! I’ll keep you updated on this new stitching project!

Note: Just before Christmas, I received the customized floor frame stand made by a Japanese embroidery frame stand maker that you can see in the attached picture. These new floor stands are especially designed to handle extra large stitching projects. If you are interested in owning one of these stands, please let me or Tammy know. We can special order this floor stand into The Frame Corner for you too!

The price is still to be determined.


African Woman5. African Woman is coming along nicely too. I am stitching this for a customer. The details and colors are so rich in this kit! If you are interested in stitching African Woman, talk to Tammy so she can hold a kit for you.

– Katherain