November 11, 2011

I think its timely that I’m updating Katherain’s Corner today – a day of remembrance for those people who have fought so bravely for all of our freedoms as Canadian citizens! And as I update you on what’s been going on with me this past year, I realized that this is my theme for today’s update on Katherain’s Corner — remembering our past and remembering those special people in our lives!

Boy its been so long since I updated you on what I’ve been stitching this year! I guess you can read into this that its been a little crazy busy at The Frame Corner this year!

Well here goes…I’m currently stitching on a commissioned needlework piece called, ‘Serendipity’ for a special client of mine. You will find out more about these lost photographs in the spring of 2012 as The Frame Corner has been selected as the venue for this very special event to unveil of the Lost McDonald-Tupper photographs! I will keep all of you posted as when this special event will take place. I know that you will want to a chance see these newly found photographs — a bit our past that we shouldn’t ever forget.

I finished “At First Sight” early in the spring this year! It’s she just gorgeous. If you get a chance to stop The Frame Corner, you can check out the real bead earrings and necklace that she is wearing. Many stitchers and non-stitchers have stopped in their tracks when they spot “At First Sight” as the picture just steals your breath away. I still have a few HAED patterns if you want to try your hand at stitching this outstanding pattern! You won’t forget her serene facial expression and you will wonder, ‘what is she thinking?’.

The huge “Japanese Ladies” stitching project that I started last year has not progressed as fast as I had hoped. I took the Ladies, an 8 foot long stitching project and the big, over-sized stitching frame with me to Camp Wanna Stitch last spring — and wouldn’t you know it! There was just so many fun things going on at Camp Wanna Stitch that I didn’t get that much stitching time in as I had hoped. So as soon as I finish the commissioned needlework and a few other projects done, I’ll get back to these ladies. I still can’t wait to see the final piece framed and up on the wall — another show stopper for sure!!

After Mom’s passing earlier this year, I stitched four little pictures of birds and butterflies (a combination of cross stitching and fancy embroidery) in her memory. These pieces will be incorporated in a wall quilt in memory of Mom and her special gifts as a needleworker. I’m just waiting on a very gifted quilter to do the quilt piecing and hope to have this new work hung up in The Frame Corner in the next few months. I still miss Mom sometimes and me and my sisters make time to remember all the good times we had with her.

I’ve completed a second cross stitch pattern of another David Dietz Lady. The pattern is on sale now. I’m also slowly working on a collection of wildlife cross stitch patterns using the very special talents of a Montana based wildlife photographer. I started out doing a new cross stitch pattern of three wolves — but after stitching a good 6-8 inches of the pattern, I decided it wasn’t good enough for me and I’m taking another run at drafting a new cross stitch pattern of these awesome wolves. I just know that many of you will want to stitch this picture too! Check out a new tab under Needlework Patterns on this website called, Designs by Katherain to see all my needlework designs that are for sale.

Well, maybe sleep is going to be an optional thing for me this fall-so I can get more of my stitching projects done!!

With Christmas just around the corner, The Frame Corner is filled with all kinds of needlework, needlework gadgetry, framing and unique gifts for every member of your family and friends. You will also find high quality, sterling silver and polished rare gemstones in a variety of jewelry pieces! These make very special Christmas gifts!

We are busy planning for a second year in a row – power shopping day that we are calling ‘Black Saturday’ which will be held on Saturday, November 26th with all kinds of in-store specials. It is also another Stitch Saturday for The Frame Corner’s Needlebugs!

Kevin and I hope to see you soon so we can catch up with you too.

As ever,
– Katherain